Tour de Taiwan 2018


What upsets me most is that this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

The likeliness of this happening increases as the stages go south.




Here is the link to the second stage

At around 2:37 …
You can see an (not Taiwanese) official with a red flag
They first stop the leaders
Even the reporters are surprised
Then they stop the peloton
2:45 A team manager (?) speaks to the camera…
Not correct… Tour of Taiwan not correct!
Restart at 2:46…


Today’s stage was more peaceful
but in at least two occasions… there was danger awaiting the riders! a bus on the road at 1:52 !! and a car at 4:14

One of the leaders fell just 5 km away from the finish line 4:12
The name of the winner: Cameron Bayly
Question: Who is this Jimmy that the reporters mention all the time like he was a good friend?


Jimmy Janssens, Belgian rider, loves to be in the mix.

They’re using Chinese translations of riders first names. Sounds a bit bizarre, like its their own friends riding.


Thought today’s 1-2 would cause confusion - both Camerons


Last stage from Pingtung to DaPeng Bay

No breakaway… group sprint… Photo finish between 3 riders
Winner of the stage: an Italian Luca Pacioni
Overall winner…
Japanese cyclist Arashiro winner of 2018 Tour de Taiwan


Super nice guy Arashiro. After last Sunday’s stage he waited around to take selfies with anyone and everyone. One of the gentlemen of the peloton.


He’s also Ah Kai’s teammate on Bahrain Merida right?

This is a Tour de Taiwan champion I can get behind.


He’s super chuffed because he hasn’t had a GC win since 2012. He’s from Ishigaki so he’s basically Taiwanese too. :sunglasses:


Finished 11 Grand Tours, inc 7 Tours de France.


For some real fanboy action David Millar’s launching his new apparel label, CHPT III, at Huashan tonight.


Hopefully his chapter 3 isn’t as dubious as his chapter 1.


Yeah, dope to win, then make a career out of being an ex-doper.


Will he be taking his Maserati? :wink:


that happened to me in a club race once. coming over from PingXi to XiZhr. crazy old bat, had NFI.

50kmh right turn downhill into a bunch, and expected us to get out of her way.

the lack of closed roads and decent marshals is a problem in Taiwan.


I’m guessing Taiwan’s crankpunk won’t show up (disclosure note: crankpunk’s website articles are very good reading).


I don’t think he’s even in Taiwan much these days is he?


Hualien, I believe. Opened a coffee shop out there.


Am I the only one that ponders the rather delicious irony, here…?

Making a buck or two writing about dopers. No dopers, no articles. Go write about that, eh? :wink:

All part of life’s rich tapestry.