Tour de Taiwan




Fuck that looks nasty, what happened? Hope he’s ok.


I didn’t see what happened, but friends are saying blood is from his glasses cutting his skin. Not head injury from the crash.


Is there a live ticker with distance and names? Can’t work out much form the live feed.


Somebody told me about the accident, but hadn’t seen it… until now. That’s fucked up. How did the helmet get off?


There’s few possibilities, but being the west coast highway, there’s even more.

Normally, the ramps up and down the speed way are very good road surface. It could’ve been a huge gust of wind or those gaps on the metal connectors.

I don’t see a distance ticker @ShutUpLegs


The little Colombian’s going for glory here. Go you good thing!


Another good stage…hope everyone is ok.


You’re speculating about the cause of a crash? 99% of the time it’ll be a touch of wheels. I suppose it could have been a banana skin. :wink:


The helmet? He took it off.


Yeah, I meant the helmet. I just saw blood and a helmetless head :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope it’s just some superficial cuts…


Commentators thought the Colombian was off the front right to the very end. Made for a very confusing finale.


Luckily(?!) I don’t understand the commentary, but it was certainly a bit confusing as the catch was not seen. Looked like the Colombian came in some way down, so I wonder if he had a mechanical…?


Probably just blew up, he’s not actually a climber. Was hoping to get a jump on the field before that final pitch.


Going up and down on Renai is a little different from going up and down the hilly parts of Taiwan. Top dog in Taipei Avila took 27th place in Taoyuan.



Helluva stage today. Really enjoyed that.


Yup, awesome. Hope that dude that hit the retaining wall is ok…he looked to be in shock.


This is a blood sport! lol

Awesome !


The guy who hit the concrete barrier at speed yesterday was looking much better after a trip to the ER.