Tour of Presidential Office

I remember awhile back one of my students told me that they offer Sunday tours of the Presidential Office. Do they still have them? And how do I go about getting registered? Thanks in advance for any replies.

After looking at the kiddies’ website,
the entire building is open to the public on the first Sunday of even months (Feb, Apr, etc), 8am-4pm. Parts of the building are open Mon-Fri, and you can que to get in between 9am-12pm. Groups need to make a reservation at least one week before hand.

Better call (02)23120760 before going to make sure though, and bring an ID!

It’s nice to be there, and I took a picture with a stand-up figure of Abian and Annette Lu. He is much shorter than he seems, and she still had that ‘auntie’ flair. Perhaps you’ll see the real people…

Thank you for the info.! I’ll give them call.

For any others interested in visiting the Presidential Office here is some info. I found: … ontent.php?