Tourism Bureau will no longer build artificial tourist attractions


Good. Many are only popular when first built, then fade away quickly.

Already many artificial tourist sites like “80 villages decorated with colorful murals, 13 skywalks and four glass churches”.


Oh no, there goes my idea for building the world’s largest smartphone.


Build it and they will come.


to take selfies.


It might cause anyone nearby to mill about aimlessly.


Too often much money is spent to build various attractions…only to quickly fall into disrepair as no maintenance is done year after year.

How many wood walkways, stairs, benches, etc. have rotted away in various parks? How many bathrooms’ equipment are broken and appear to not have been cleaned in twenty years (even though only one year old)?

I hope this new ruling stops the cable car tourist attraction planned near my house. From what I heard and saw in documents the cable car plans to take visitors up and down from a mountain but not let visitors off near the stores the govt says want to support. Appears to be a huge investment to line pockets of officials.


Oh no, build it, at least virtually. It would have to be a working model. Either on it’s side or standing up. How wonderful you access the buttons? Rock climbing ropes?


By jumping on the buttons, like Tom Hanks playing the keyboard in Big.


Maybe they should build a Pokemon Go Battle Park