🌏 💵 Tourism Promotion | NT$5000 for visitors to Taiwan

I am very confused about what you are trying to say. You are opposed to facts and data?

Google searches are not your personal knowledge facts.
Post them to prove and show nothing.

Are you upset ?

Ok then find some other data that says otherwise. Thats how the cut and thrust of internet conversations usually go

Never upset, I prefer real life posting other than “I found this data”

Yes, you keep it real

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The pre-Covid tourist numbers showed that Taiwan was becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction. There is nothing wrong with showing those numbers to prove a point. But who knows how that trend will continue now and how much tourism promotion efforts by the government had to do with that increase.

We recently created a Taiwan tourism promotion poster that could be seen [maybe it’s still there, no idea] in London [I think at bus stops etc.] Was that tax-payer money well spent? I have my doubts.



Possible invasion from China, worldwide news, give’s Taiwan tourism more boost than a few NT$.

Do the locals get them too? Any racist undertones :innocent:

It was well spent according to the consultants
that got the project money!

Taiwan needs more of this:

and less of this:

But let’s be real. jewelry ,luxury stuff etc are what Taiwan sells well.

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Sure! I’ve met some in food courts, at cafes, and elsewhere in Taipei. They were having a very nice time (this was pre-COVID), with a sense of satisfaction which reminded me of how Taiwanese feel when they are in Japan.


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Taiwan is a terrible place to visit to buy luxury goods, which are priced far higher (for better or worse) than in our neighbours.

Awesome mountains, fun times in Taipei and Kaohsiung, snacking away in Tainan, beauty throughout the east coast . . . there’s lots to recommend, but not alas “luxury stuff.” :slightly_smiling_face:


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You are looking at it from the exact polar opposite of what I am.commenting about government intention :wink: You mention not the best place to.sell. agreed. but it is the arena the Taiwan.governemnt allows quite a lot because it makesnthebcountey more money than say camping grounds.

Yes I was thinking of it from the perspective of a prospective consumer (or even as a seller)—not from the perspective of the tax collector, who rakes in the $$$ from duty charges without doing anything to earn it here. :upside_down_face:


Indeed. but the conversation is aimed at the tourism promotions . Granted not always, but mostly, this is paid for by the tax collectors. so it seems only logical to keep things logically in line with the logic of the people promoting something want something back. My point is the problem with this angle.is it is ONLY monetary, and even worse: import based (eg. luxury fashion). And that is a damn shame.

But perhaps I am on a different page :upside_down_face:

Taiwan has decent tourism opportunities that promote local health and wealth. but I may very well be in the minority with this opinion.

My point is very simple. Taiwan is a terrible place to shop for such things. It’s worth travelling to our neighbours instead if shopping for such goods is a priority.

I agree that Taiwan is good at other stuff, which we should be refining and promoting.


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Yes, yes. I know your point. And I agree. I was explaining my point on that consumers dont pay for the promotion of Taiwan tourism, the government does. And to some.extent, private industry does. The government isnt the consumer, thus why their tourism goals are often clearly so shitty . the government is quite happy with tourists staying in cities buying stupid shit and they get their cut. They really dont care if an LV bag here is 30% more than Paris. that’s not the point, their duty and taxes are the point. along with the housing, food and all the normal stuff that goes along with tourism. How often do you see Taiwan tourism focusing on free backpacking and camping? there is some natural stuff, but always connected to packages. Local tourism is different, they actually spend huge money on local vendors that make nothing back. But that is more a welfare system, not tourism. polar opposite.

what I was pointing out was that Taiwan government LOVES rich superficial people going to malls and .leaving behind money. They dont really give 2 farts about hikers or even field biologists coming to see the real treasures borne in Taiwan. the factory system is pervasive here, in every sector. Thus, i dont think it should be surprising they are advertising in London about this or that. Probably education and medical tourism are better candidates for tourist $ in my opinion. But foreign fashion isnt shunned, that’s for sure!

Really curious if ARC holders will still be “foreign” enough to participate in this. I’ll be leaving Taiwan soon and will come back in late April - I hereby volunteer to try out this program if it has been implemented by then :grin:

(Probably they will just say that ARC holders are not touristy enough though :man_shrugging:)


Taiwan to start paying foreign visitors next month

Create one of the world’s harshest quarantine restrictions for years to completely decimate your tourism industry and lose billions, then spend billions more convincing them all to come back. Genius!


I strongly suspect they are simply mimicking HK with the tourist promotion stuff.

If you look on the bright side here, we did not mimic HK in passing a sweeping national security law. And thankfully we have not yet become a prime destination for drunken stag parties, :slightly_smiling_face: