Tourist Bus Lost off Suao Highway 2010

A tourist bus slipped off the road during heavy rain and disappeared into the deep ocean and was never found.

This is the memorial marker.

Suhua Highway Monument
No. 114, Suhua Hwy

The landslide area is still visible.

Any reason for posting this here, ten years later?


okay yes I maybe sometimes rarely post uninteresting information but in this case It’s being discussed in another unrelated thread so…


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Why not mention that it’s discussed there or asked a mod to split the topic?

It’s unrelated to the other subject.

It’s fairly relevant subjected a busload of people disappeared during a typhoon in Taiwan.

Does it matter if I start a topic about it?

Should I not start new topics what what’s going on?

I found this moving and interesting and I’m glad you shared it.


I am just wondering about the reason why you would start a topic like that now. You could start hundreds of topics about thing that happened in the past.

There was a bus accident in Nantou today. Posting that would make more sense to me. People would start discussing, etc.

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Taiwan shouldn’t be allowed to have buses.


Probably another case of the driver being overworked and driving 12 hour days again. Especially when I hear it’s a tour bus.

Excuse me? The bus fell, it didn’t “disappear in to the deep ocean into the deep ocean and was never found”.

Nor should America.

Nor should Germany.

Nor should Australia.

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I say slipped, you say fell.

I say disappeared, can say never located, recovered, seen again…

A tour bus carrying Chinese tourists was found after plunging 100m down a ravine when it was hit by falling rocks on the Suhua Highway

Maybe you are talking about another bus, but that one was found. Very unlikely that a bus just disappears into the ocean and is not found.

There’s a memorial for the bus that was not found, not the bus that was found, more than one bus crashed in the same time frame.

The bus was never located and the bodies were never located.

A bag full of everybody’s passports and a few other items were found floating in the ocean. Most of the tourists were from China. And apparently the tour guide had all their passports together in one bag.

The water is extremely deep and a sheer drop.

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Isn’t it a memorial for the victims that were not found?

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The bus, which was carrying school children home for the day, crashed into a utility service vehicle on Highway 58 in Decatur, about an hour northeast of Chattanooga, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol. The utility truck appears to have swerved into the southbound lane where it ran into the bus head-on.

You should actually read the articles you link to.

But yeah. You could ride buses for years in the states before having an experience that even approaches what you can experience on a bus any day of the week in Taiwan.

What difference does it make? People still died.


I can link more bus crashes in the US. It happens all the time.

Only UK bus crashes are double deckers that go under bridges to low, weirdly seems a common practice.
That means UK bus drivers must be stupidest about.

Not a common practice in Canada and technically not the same thing, but…

The same city has also had a few of its double decker buses spontaneously explode over the last few years. And that’s the national capital. :unamused:

Why is it a Buddhist memorial? What if the victims weren’t Buddhists, were their names still put on it?