Tourist Visa Application for South Africans


This is just a thread for South Africans who may need assistance with the Visa Process. I have just gone through this process myself and seeing as though it was a bit of a process, i thought why not assist fellow Saffas.

First and foremost this is for holders of a South African Passport.

You need to fill out an online application form at:
Once you have filled it out, it will generate a visa application form that you will need to print out.

The following will need to be taken to the Taiwan Liaison Office in either Cape Town or Pretoria:

  • A printed Visa Form (which will be generated from your online applciation)
  • Your South African Passport (must not expire within the next 6 months)
  • 2 Visa Photographs
  • An invitation letter from the person or organisation you will be staying with in Taiwan
  • A copy of the Resident or ARC card from the person will be staying with
  • A 3-month Bank statement (The Liaison Office required me to have R60K in my account for a 60-day visa)

If all of these are met, you haven’t lied on your visa application and you aren’t a suspicious person, then you should have no issues being granted a visiting/tourist visa.

There is more information at this site:


Gee you can’t just be a tourist? You need someone to invite you? So archaic and “soviet”.