Tourists on visa extensions eligible for vaccine?

Specifically people who have no official status here…tourists who have stayed here for more than a year on visa extensions. Are we on anybody’s radar to receive vaccines at some point? Specially if you fall into an older age group like over 60? Who would you ask?

I think just wait for them to announce it. I’m sure everyone will be vaccinated eventually once there’s a surplus, similar to the mask situation last year (needed NHI to claim it initially, now it’s open to everyone). I’m a mid 30s ARC holder and I think by the time they get around to me, Taiwan would have a surplus already and would start vaccinating everyone. I don’t make the cut for the 10 priority groups they announced (so not on anyone’s radar either). If you’re over 60 maybe you will get it sooner than me.

… and be prepared to wait for this announcement for a very very long time given the vaccine shortage in Taiwan

Oh no! I can only wait until September.

Quite unlikely to happen by then quite frankly…

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I am in Nebraska at the moment. You can walk into any drugstore to get a shot. Maybe come visit the US if you’re in a rush?


I seen a notice issued for foreigners to get the vaccine. Point 3 on the notice has a number, could call to ask.

It’s funny how foreigners don’t seem to exist outside of Taipei…Except the type that are told to stay in or locked in. :no_mouth:


I’m not sure what a ‘Taipei City Foreigner’ is either…Is it a cute species of pet ?

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Specifically very old Taipei foreigners. 75plus

To be fair Taipei is a hot spot hence it gets vaccination priority.

My problem is I do not have a NHI or residence card. Just on an extended tourist visa.

If you are one of people who have been here because Taiwan was safer than other places, do you still need to be here?

That’s not the only reason I came here even before the virus. However now I need a vaccine. I don’t want to travel to get it.

I read that as “You want the vaccine before you have to travel”.

It is now over 65 from July 1. 5.7mil priority people including them. Then, 3.8 mil people with underlining decease, then people over 50. 1.6 mil people already got 1st shot. And they vaccinated about 50k people per day.

I have not noticed any discussion on vaccination to non resident foreigners. You may need to appeal your existence to relevant authorities, such as CECC, NIA, local government.

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Can you even still be in Taiwan legally? I was under the impression that, even with the extensions, you still can’t stay over 6 months while on a tourist visa.


Which country are you from? Most foreigners can enter the US now, even foreigners, and you get free vaccination on arrival. If you really need the vaccine why not take a flight there?

If your job is not customer facing, I don’t think you “need” the vaccine. Just quarantine at home for a few months and things will probably get back to the way it used to be.


Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - May/June 2021 - #3959 by au

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I am guessing that the overwhelming majority of foreigners here are on work visas or otherwise residents for a variety of reasons. People like me make up a very tiny percentage of a percentage point. If we are deemed to belong to a priority vulnerable group because of age then it makes sense to be included. In the same way that it made sense to be allowed to purchase masks. Of course I would be more than happy to pay for my vaccines as I am not contributing directly to the national health insurance, in the same way I would pay extra now to visit a doctor or receive hospital treatment etc. I am more than happy to hear arguments to the contrary.

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