Tourists on visa extensions eligible for vaccine?

As disappointing as this might be, but it does not seem that the Taiwanese government is actively following this site to decide on its government policies. So it would appear unlikely that you will be able to change this. If you want to get vaccinated, maybe you should therefore better think about visiting a country where this is possible. Good luck!

It’s not that allowing anyone in TW who falls into a priority group to get vaxxed doesn’t make sense. It does. The issue is that TW, like many countries, often has policies that don’t seem to make sense.

Based on my experience in TW, edge cases involving foreigners are often problematic. Probably not out of malice but rather just laziness and incompetence.

There are countries, such as the US, where vaccine is plentiful and anyone present in the country can get vaccine. If you really feel strongly about getting vaxxed ASAP, I’d highly recommend seeking out alternatives to TW.

you should appeal this to authorities and Taiwanese society. Not here.

Imo locked up migrant workers should be given higher priority than elderly non resident foreigners.

In the time it takes him to do that he could be fully vaxxed in the US. Five times over.

Elderly! Who said anything about being elderly? Lol.

Over 65 isn’t elderly?

Where does it say anything about being over 65?

I can show you countless number of people over 65 who would vehemently object to that classification. So the answer is a solid no. I am sure I will continue to say that even when I am actually over 65 in some distant future.

How to make an appointment for vaccination without health insurance status? Zhuang Renxiang said that the system is currently undergoing revision, and if it can be opened to these objects, he will explain to everyone.

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Thanks for sharing. I have never been objectified before in my life. Lol

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I was in same situation, why should he or I leave if MOFA carry on giving 30 day extension?

I’m sure like myself he’s spending his own money helping Taiwan economy.

I did leave for renewal of passport, no shipping or postage from UK allowed at the time and deal with some business affairs.

Hey I also got vaccinated :+1: and I’m returning :grinning:

The commander of the Epidemic Command Center Chen Shizhong announced today that foreigners without a health insurance card who have legal stays will be allowed to register for the COVID-19 vaccine in accordance with Taiwanese citizens. Residents of China, Hong Kong and Macao can fill in the form.

Chen Shizhong further explained that foreigners register with the unified certificate number and passport number of the residence permit or stay permit; residents of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Hong Kong and Macao use the unified certificate number and entry and exit permit number to register; nationals without household registration use the unified certificate number Add entry and exit permit number, or unified permit number plus entry permit number to log in.

The outside world is also concerned about when this group of foreigners can be vaccinated as soon as possible. Chen Shizhong said that at this stage, the intention to register is to first understand the willingness of foreigners without health insurance cards to be vaccinated. When the number of vaccines becomes stable in the future, vaccinations will be gradually opened and included in the implementation plan.

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You are a good man Tando! (I am assuming you are a man). Can you point to the original source of this information? Specifically how I can register my interest in being vaccinated. The 1922 site - in Chinese - only allows registeration to those with NHI cards. Unless I am missing something.Thanks.

It is not yet opened, but will be soon, maybe on Aug. 6.

The Immigration Department stated today that the Central Epidemic Command Center will open the COVID-19 vaccine to migrants who do not hold a residence permit. They can register their wishes and make appointments for vaccination through the appointment registration platform. Those in need can apply for a unified certificate number from the Immigration Department. .

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Yup. I just registered. Website already updated to be able to accept passport number in place of NHI number :+1:

Which website? Link?

I opened it in Chrome Browser and it auto translated everything :+1:

But this does not seem to apply to all foreigners, e.g. not to those here visa-free since March 2020 when they could still enter. At least they are not mentioned in the article

Are you visa-free or visitor visa?

Does it make a difference?