Tourists Visit to Hong Kong - Last Port of Call

080428-N-7883G-683 SOUTH CHINA SEA (April 28, 2008) The aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) prepares to anchor in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor. Hong Kong is Kitty Hawk’s last scheduled overseas port visit before its return to the United States later this year. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kyle D. Gahlau (Released)

Some might remember stories of the old Bottoms UP Club.

More US Navy pics from this cruise

I’ve seen this boat off the coast of Perth, West Oz, and it looked bloody impressive, and yet here in HK, and despite what those snaps above suggest, it really doesn’t look like much at all. Indeed it appears to be dwarfed by some of the larger cargo ships around. having said that, a bunch of colleagues were out on it last Thursday for some ceremonial dinner and were very impressed.

Needless to say, Wanchai was awash with drunken swabbies over the weekend.


The night before a US aircraft carrier docks is always the best on in Wanchai.

I would expect the lasses to be a bit worn once the yanks take off.

Wow! That second picture’s got a lot of pixels!

I’ve been on a couple of carriers; the USS Coral Sea and the Enterprise. It’s such an odd feeling, being on such a powerful ship.

I can’t imagine what it’s like in Wanchai with 4,000 horny sailors arriving in town after months at sea.

I’m shocked that they allow anyone and everyone to board these ships during fleet weeks.

No one is asked for any identification; just go aboard. Maybe that has changed since 9/11.


Look at all the rust on that boat. What a damn mess!

I’d bet on the carrier in a fight against the cargo ship/s. :wink:

Why do you think its referred to as the ‘Shitty Kitty’ ? LOL.
(It really is!)

Two things - Its been on a long extended cruise and things take on an ‘order of importance’ at sea thats different from status at dock.
And 2 - This boat is coming to the end of a service life that started in the very early '60’s. Like 1960 or '61.

Of course the mud stirred up by its anchor from the harbor may be a factor in what looks like ‘rust’…I’ve seen that mentioned when the rust comment was made on another forum with the picture. It seems that an anchor is dropped and then the a/c carrier is maneuvered into final anchorage…this can involve raising and lowering the anchor until its in place and the other anchor(s?) are dropped.

I really don’t know much about this. Just what I’ve read or been told.

But its sailing in de-commissioning after this jaunt.

Is it good manners to bring all aircraft on deck? Seems thats a sign of “all my weapons are on show and no airplanes are on their way in to attack and to land on my deck”… and also " I cant launch any aircraft with a full deck so I am not on battle stations". Any sea blubbers know? (as opposed to land lubbers)

The placement of planes is part of a training drill called “How to Hail a Taxi on Lockhart Road at 3am”.