Tours to South Africa?

Hi! My wife and I are looking into going to South Africa this year on vacation. Does anyone know a reliable tour operator/travel agent in Taiwan who specializes in South Africa?

I don’t know any in Taiwan but I can put you in touch with my South African travel agent. I am sure they can organise something for you through the net.

I went there last year (Capetown) for the first time and had a blast. I wouldn’t waste your time or money with a tour. Take the Malaysian Airlines flight and rent a car. You can stay at great vacation rentals for US$16-50 a night–check the Web or have a SA friend help you secure this.

Flicka, I’m glad you liked CT.

Vorkosigan, I’ve sent you a PM. I’ll be glad to help with any questions you may have.

Capetown is one of the finest towns i’ve lived in. If you have a chance pop round to Camps Bay and have a meal and bottle of Nederberg for me at Blues.

And I should add to bring extra luggage. The shopping is expectional value for money (esp. if you are from the States, and you get the tax back) and I didn’t get caught sneaking in 12 bottles of wine.