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We went to Toh A a few years ago, before we started blogging. We had the lunch, which was cheaper than dinner – but still over $1500 if I recall. The food was decent and we liked the space, but otherwise not particularly standout for that price. We had Leputing around the same time, which we thought was somewhat similar but a bit more interesting. We get more picky at higher price levels, and in general, we think it’s better to go for the lower-cost lunch options at high-end restaurants – you get most of the experience at half the cost.


For me, when I want a nice food/restaurant experience, there is always some drinking involved. There doesn’t need to be a lot of booze involved, but it’s part of the whole experience for me. And I almost never drink before dinner.

Maybe you could dedicate a few restaurant picks to places where food AND liquor are what the diner is after. Gordon Biersch, Jolly’s, a couple of Japanese places, and a kwai tsao place come to mind. But maybe that’s not what your blog is all about.


Thanks for reading! None of us really drink (other than the very occasional glass of local wine when we’re traveling), so we don’t cover that aspect on our blog. But hope you can still find it helpful!