Trace (learn) Traditional Chinese Character Software

I will be getting a tablet soon (android based) …can anyone please recommend any software program free or otherwise that will allow me to learn traditional chinese characters by tracing after watching the demo

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I use It’s $9.99/month, but I think it’s worth it!

If you haven’t yet found what you wanted, there are a number of online services where you can view the animated stroke order for Traditional Chinese characters; and even more for the stroke order of Simplified Chinese characters. (But not specifically an application designed for physically tracing the characters - although in my list of Top 20 Online Chinese Dictionaries, has exactly that to complement the stroke order animation feature of their Simplified Chinese online dictionary.)

There are six of these services referenced in an earlier Forumosa post about learning traditional characters through Chinese character stroke order animations - so just take a look there.

Pleco is pretty good, I don’t know any Chinese at all and I have found it pretty useful. There’s a some add ons you need (like $40 usd) but you can give it a test ride on basic for free. I heard it also have more stuff for advanced users.

[color=#000050]I’m developing a mobile application that will let you do just this - learn Chinese characters and phrases interactively. I will post a link once it’s published - would love to share with the Forumosa community, as I myself was an active poster to these pages … many years ago (more on that later).

As mentioned, there are a number of tools out there already, both online and mobile. My application has a number of differentiating design principles:

[ul]- Pattern-based learning: It’s designed to let you learn faster by discovering patterns in the language - structural, phonetic, grammatical and semantic.[/ul]
[ul]- Characters as building blocks: There is emphasis on words and phrases, not just individual characters.[/ul]
[ul]- Focus on hand-writing: Instead of the computerized fonts you see in most tracing applications, my application uses hand-written character templates, as I believe these are more accessible, and less intimidating.[/ul]
Hope that conveys the general idea. The ideas for this application were first planted when I was living & studying in Taiwan ~10 years ago. Back then I posted under the username mangalica, some of the old-timers may remember me still.

The initial version is for Android, so Martin I think you made the right choice. Speak soon. :slight_smile:


I’m happy to announce that the application I referred to above is now completed & published! It has a number of innovative features that I think the Forumosa community will find useful, and I look forward to feedback to make it better still. Full details in the post below …