Track attack

I went to the track at a university here a few days ago and learned that, in fact, no one was interested in using it for what it was supposedly intended for - running. No, instead:

  • People were sitting on the track
  • People were walking their dogs on the track
  • Backpacks were set on the track
  • Couples were holding hands and slowly walking around the track, pushing and pulling each other in that oh-so-cute way that takes up three lanes
  • people were coming back from grocery shopping and walking across or around the track, all while swinging their grocery bags

I guess I’ll go back to running in the middle of the street. Fewer barriers.

Jogging in the park is much safer that on a university track. I talked to a friend who was at Shida. He said that as about a half-dozen people ran laps, they were forced to maneuver around speakers, backpacks, drums [!], electrical cables and rather oblivious students by the dozens. It’d probably be a whole lot easier, and safer, to go running in the middle of Hoping East Road.