Track Changes Feature in Word

Is there anyway to change the user name information once a document has been edited? I am guessing this is impossible, but it’s worth a shot. The user information is that information which shows up when you run your mouse over the edited text. Thanks in advance.

You quickly change the current user information this way, in case for example, two different users are editing from the same PC.

Tools > Options > User Information

But that probably is of no help as you want to change the user name on previously edited part. Methinks they have safeguards to not allow this. I tried many different ways and searched the Help function. Makes sense they would lock this capability, but perhaps a programmer could do it. I seriously doubt there is anyway to do it from within WORD.

Hi Hobart,


Yeah I know where to change the user information, but it doesn’t do me a bit of good once the document has been changed in the other persons name. I bet they indeed have safeguards not to allow this. :fume: Another reason to despise MS products. :laughing:

You can do it so that all changes have the same name. Save one copy of the document with all the changes accepted. Save another copy with all the changes rejected, and then use Compare Documents. Then all the changes will have the user information from the computer you are using.

Just 'cause I like googling things.

[quote=“”]> Is there a way in Wod 2003 to change the name and/or initials to the tracked

chages of a reviewer? I have 6 reviewers and I would like to change their
name and add initials so their comments are marked.

Easiest would probably be to save the document as XML. Then open it in NotePad
(or activate “Confirm conversions on open” in Word’s Tools/Options/General and
select “plain text” when opening in Word) and use Find/Replace.

Open it again in Word and save as a Word document.[/quote]

I (almost) never use Word and have no idea if this will work or not, but it sounds good.

Unfortuantely Richard’s didn’t work. It merged the documents ok, but it corrected everything, everything was in red. All I want in red is the comments plus the changed user information. Is there something else I can do to avoid it changing the entire thing to one color?

Miltorwnkid, looks easy enough but how do you save a word document as an XML file?

File>Save as>XML?

JEFF G: MiltonKids Google Answer way works like a charm! I just tried it!

The trick is that when you save the file you of course won’t see XML as an option in the pull down menu. Choose webpage then make the filename something like jeffg.xml Put in the file extension into the File name and do not wait for Word to make the file extension .xml because it doesn’t have that option.

Then open it with note pad. And use Find / Replace to change all of them at once. You might have to do it twice one for the first name and one for the surname of the username. Then save it again with the same file name with the .xml extension, but open it with Word this time and save it as Word doc this time and open it again. Voila! By the way, it may have changed your view mode, just change it back. It changed my view mode, just choose Print Layout from the View pulldown menu.

Try it and let me know if you have any problems because I just did it and checked it and it works.


I’m not an idiot. :slight_smile:

Thanks Hobart, you know I did save it as a webpage file before I wrote my last post, but did not try to merge them thinking it wouldn’t be a xml file. I am using Word 2002, which version are you using?

I will give it a shot and see what happens and post the results, thanks for testing it out! :slight_smile:

Jeff G, I am also using Word 2002.

One solution is:

  1. Change your User Information first in Word.
  2. Open the document you want to change owner’s name
  3. Select all and copy
  4. New a word file, then paste and save.

that is it. Try it.

miltownkid and Hobart,

It worked!!! Thanks!! I can see some other very nifty uses of this process! :smiley:

tiebob, tried your idea just for the fun of it, and it didn’t work. It copied everything exactely as it was in the original document, which is what I expected to happen.

Thanks again!!! :rainbow: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: