Traditional accomodation on Matsu island

Any recomendations? 4 adults. Us as a couple and both our moms. 2 rooms ideal but renting a place is cool too. 3 nights. We are looking for a more traditional style, but also comfortable for older ladies. On kinmen we stayed is super cool old style houses that were renovated to be like before but clean and good toilets. Amazing time. Looking for something similar on matsu. North or south islands. Muchly appreciated!

I’ve been to Matsu several times, mostly staying on Beigan. Here are my recommendations, places that I’ve actually stayed at:

  1. Chinbe D.S. House
  2. Chinbe Villa
    Both of the above are in rustic and quaint Qinbi/Chinbe village (芹壁村) with beautiful views.
  1. B&B of Blueshine
    This one is a normal hotel/BnB style, but I had a nice experience here.

Take a look at the links and feel free to ask me any questions. I love Matsu. If you’re on Beigan I highly recommend visiting nearby Daqiu islet, where deer roam freely.


Awesome thanks. The first one was on our short list, with your recpmmendation its pretty much confirmed will call them at lunch. Thanks!

Do you know the conveniemce of car rental possible on the island? One mom isnt as mobile.

I’ve only ever rented scooters, which is easy, and usually can be arranged by the place you’re staying at. I have a feeling they could arrange a rental car as well. I would contact your accommodations and ask them about renting a car.

I’m trying to remember if I saw car rental information at either of the airports (Nangan and Beigan), but I honestly can’t remember. Sorry.

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Great, thanks for all your input. Excited!

The post and video is from 2016.

⛴{Trip} Taiwan Travel -- Trip to MATSU, Day 2, DONGJU (馬祖東莒) - YouTube (watch from the 4 min. mark for the B&B)

If you go to the island of Dongju, I can recommend this place:

Happy Inn (東莒.幸福居民宿)

When we stayed there it was brand-new. Great location in that old village.