Traditional chinese input in fedora 4

It must be something really simple. It always is.

The Chinese input system on Fedora 4 works great, except that I can only input simplified characters. What’s up with that? I did a complete install, so everything is on there. The traditional chinese interface works flawlessly, so I know all the fonts are there, but I just can’t figure out how to input traditional characters. Anybody have a clue?


See bobl’s comment in this thread, babaroomba.
[Most Chinese Friendly Version of Linux
Hope that’s that info you need.

Thanks irisshstu,

Indeed it was something simple. With regards to the earlier thread you listed (thank you), you don’t have to log on in a Chinese desktop to use Chinese input. You can log on in English, and then right click on an application and choose Input Methods > Internet/Intranet Input Method, then Ctrl+Alt+Space to bring up the language switcher.

Here’s how thick I can be sometimes. The initial language switcher only lists six of 24 languages, with zh_CN being the second one. I just assumed there was a trick once in zh_CN to switch to zh_TW. Well, of course, a bit of pecking on the keyboard found that hitting the Page Down key allows you to go through the language switcher menu. zh_TW was last on the list, and it works great.

I’ve noticed that this doesn’t work in Open Office on an English desk top because OO has it’s own right click menu.