Traditional funerals and professional wailers

Does anyone know what the word (in Chinese, and the translation -direct- if possible, or otherwise) is for the part in the funeral ceremony -usually down south- when amplified professional wailers cry out?

An apology: a few months ago, I asked for the names of some books on Chinese-Taiwanese utopianism, and got some -thanks. But I also said I would post a synopsis of a book called Xen, which is supposed to deal with ‘fake Chinese utopianism.’ At the last moment I switched the focus of my major, and thus switiched one class for another, not needing that book anymore. Too much to read to read for pleasure these days, so sorry to anyone who was waiting to hear about it.

I don’t know the word in Chinese/Taiwanese, but a couple of us used to have T-shirts in Taipei reading “Western Women’s Wailing Corps: For the Gangster Who Had it All.”

I still think we could have made a go of it, if they would have given us ARCs based on it. :smiley:

In Taiwanese the phrase used for the women is pronounced hao5 lu2 (sorry, I can’t use the POJ system yet - I use adapted Hanyu pinyin). I’m told that the characters for this would be 孝女 xi

I hired one when I left Taiwan.

j99 -I love that.