Traditional-Simplified character converter software

Our company is in the midst of planning the design of the new in house software apps but there’s been a snag… Our sales offices are here in Taiwan, but the Factories are in China… The staff in China can’t read traditional characters and the staff here in Taiwan can’t/won’t read simplified ones… the orders from above are that it must accomodate both…

does anyone know of a readily available converter for converting traditional <-> simplified characters in a windows application that i can suggest to our software designers?..

Chinese MS Word will do it for you.

thanks alleycay… but i meant more like source code, or something to use in our in house apps, not really a Word util…

Dear Plasmatron,

Thomas Chan, the webmaster at steered me to these 2 web pages:


in answer to a question I posted at this web page at his forum:

Remember, sometimes a simplified character replaced 2 or more traditional characters so you should have someone go over any translated text to make sure it is correct.

Kobo-Daishi, PLLA.

:bulb: perfect!..

thanks a lot Kobo-Daishi, i’m pretty sure that will work nicely…
even though there will be conflicts in the conversion, that should solve 95% of our problems…

thanks again!..


This is an intresting piece on Chinese conversion:

Most frontend processor also come with a conversion utility, but that’s not what you are looking for right …

I forget where, but there excist some mapping tables for GB<->Big5, so since you are programmers … it’s then easy to write a cool conversion tool (and release it with GPL).