Traditional Taiwanese clothing

Just saw these wedding photos in Aboriginal clothing. They look amazing.


Cool outfits. I wonder if those are blue magpie feathers.

If they are not plastic knock-offs then they are definitely magpie tail feathers.

The native peoples of the world always seem to have the most elaborate traditional garb.

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Traditional Taiwanese clothing is T shirts with really weird English phrase… like asdasdad

Either a short or pant, depending on weather.

A blue/white sandal.

I like the cinnamon stick in his ear!


Your posts always blow my mind.

As long as it’s only your mind that’s blown I’m good!:popcorn:

Hahaha. Actually, I meant @hansioux :blush:

My home town:

My dad’s the guy in the blue shirt watching.


Yikes, men dressed as girls!

Are you one of the dancers?

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No. They were going to dance at my wedding but pulled out at the last minute. Their official reason was that I was born in Oxford, not Abingdon, but I think there may have been something else behind it. I was quite pleased they didn’t come, to be honest. Didn’t fancy a bunch of beardies drinking all the booze.

How rude. But I guess it worked out anyway.

Apparently my grandpa on my father’s side could do that kicking dance the Slavs are known for. Cossack dancing. But I never saw it, myself. He was in his 70s by the time I started retaining memories, so hitting that deep of squat and hopping around for my entertainment was surely out of the question.


Whoa…do you know Radiohead?

I didn’t go to Abingdon School. Saw them out a couple of times. The lead singer of the Inspiral Carpets went school.

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I always thought they were from Manchester.

Heh heh. Tom picked up a northern accent very quickly.

I love the way this gets filed under Traditional Taiwanese Clothing, not to mention the morris dancers

No wonder, people would have asked ‘who’s the bride’?