Traffic signals

This is only curiosity, nothing’s happened to me (other than my better-half asking me to tone down my voice when I’m driving).

About 50% of the major intersections in Hsinchu have concurrently a green straight ahead signal and a green right turn from the intersecting right.

Who’s at fault in a collision?
I have time and space to clear the intersection before the light changes, suddenly cars from the right cut me off and leave me in gridlock. Did they have the

I think that’s pretty normal and actually allows a better traffic flow. If done carefully it’s quite safe to turn right on a red light, and Ibelieve it’s perfectly legal in some countries. There should be ‘give way’ rules in Taiwan though. I know in NZ it’s ‘turning traffic gives way to straight traffic’.


I learned to drive in Los Angeles, where there is liquor store and a gun shop at every freeway exit, we too appreciate smooth flow of traffic.
There, they also turn after stopping at a red light.

Are there conflicting signals in Taipei? Traffic is pretty good there, comparatively.