Tragic train crash in Hualien on April 2, 2021

Speculation your honor.

“According to the police investigation, the 26-year-old had fled from his employer about five years ago. Police suspect that Lee had hired Hua to work for him illegally.”

Where does the scooter come from as he was seen sitting in the truck?

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Good question.

Isn’t it reasonable to suspect that someone riding on the truck with Mr. Lee was also at the scene of the accident with Mr. Lee, and might be involved ?

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Yes, exactly the point. 2 Different crimes.

Perhaps, but reporting someones real name and speculating as such is not only a complete douche bag move it is also grounds for lawsuites in taiwan if he were only a taiwanese citizen. If you fuck someones name up like that without evidence, you best be ready to get sued. but him being a foreign illegal, we all know that wont happen. Restaraunts have sued critics review s for christ sakes…and that is arguably fair game opinion piece level.

If it were decent reporting without speculation, i wouldnt be writing this right now…but again, if guilty then its amute point. this type of reporting destroys lives worldwide. Not saying this is as bad as a false rape affiliation in canada, but its bad nonetheless.

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Instead of trying to pull up the truck they should’ve just stabilized all and call emergency services to stop the train.

The man has been arrested as a suspect. Other Taiwanese suspects were also reported their names.

Also shotty reporting.

Edit. Might be being a bit unfair. So I will stick to my main point. Calling out a person sitting in a truck that was in an unrelated accident and reportign on his other crimes is bias and will completely fuck him. Its a bad practice. If they reported on why he night be involved a all, aside from the truck at an intersection, fine. But no. This kind.of reporting is reckless.

I think it does nothing to do with he is a Vietnamese. If it was a Taiwanese on the wanted list, the report would have been the same.

And, in this case, he is an illegal worker may be a relevant information.

How so?

Parking a truck has .do with nationality, but theres little point going down that rabbit hole. Other than they reported those details to inflict a narrative. If not, why write it?

If we pretended it was a taiwanese man and he started talking about his divorce, or didnt pay taxes, same shit.


no, it is more like a Taiwanese was on the wanted list. He is an illegal worker could be a part of reason Mr. Lee didn’t report to authorities soon, and let him leave the scene.

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Ahh, ok i see your point now.s o Mr. Lee is even MORE to blame then!

Another interesting theory says Lee sent Ahao to stop the train. It wouldn’t have worked, TRA says, but it would have been nice if they tried.

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There had to be something, right. He’s the site manager, and he had the emergency number. I wonder where he got the tires. It might have given him enough reason in his mind to hesitate? Or why, between the time whenever he saw the truck was on the tracks and disaster was certain, and the accident, did he not make the call?

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He’s a very important witness and participant so it’s not that overblown.


More analysis on the crash and other tragedies from Michael Turton, who hammers home (emphasis on “hammers”) the notion of production pressure in Taiwan and what Charles Perrow called “normal accidents”:

In Normal Accidents, Charles Perrow’s classic analysis of technological systems and the accidents they foster, Perrow observes that “when we have interactive systems that are tightly coupled, it is ‘normal’ for them to have this kind of accident, even though it is infrequent.” Such accidents are an “inherent property” of technological systems, and we have them because our industrial society is full of tightly coupled, interactive systems with great potential for catastrophe.

Here in Taiwan the omnipresence of tightly coupled systems — systems in which a failure in one leads to failure in another — operating in an atmosphere of intense production pressures and a lax safety culture has caused me to reflect often on Perrow’s insights. Everywhere you look, you see normal accidents.



In other words, shit happens.

More precisely: under specific circumstances, shit has been normalized.