Tragic weekend on the coast

A few dead last weekend in NanAo / NanFangAo / SuAo area again.

One of them is the beach I was talking about a while ago:

Some useful information:

@IbisWtf explained it graphically:

The damn proof reader bear…

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Saw K-man post his/her/its article on a “wave of rogue waves”… :roll_eyes:

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You aren’t supposed to go swimming at the beach for ghosts month

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Say it ain’t so!

Most of the drowned weren’t swimming . At least four were riding ATVs on the beach !
I believe they got washed in from separate waves also. I don’t know if they were owned by the business or what.

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“Rogue” has replaced both “mercury” and “balmy”!

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Business most likely.

I remember those mouthbreathers’ faces when they were getting into the beach and saw me riding my super heavy road motorcycle there.

How big are these waves that carried away people at the beach?

a series of rogue waves

You can feel the restraint this must have taken

I can see it in my mind’s eye… the wave lurking slyly until a hapless swimmer wanders out past knee depth… then… BANG! Rogue wave!


Big, cast off by typhoon jebi, surfers say they were big sets, were Already anticipated.

Main problem is a lot of people can’t swim, once they get swept into deep water they panic and drown.

While that’s indeed a problem, I suspect that people got knocked out / drawn not many meters from the sand pebbles. Please see the drawing by Ibis that I liked before.

6 to 10 feet.

I know that beach well and can envisage exactly what happened .

Taiwan News: “Taiwan’s northeastern coast to close for 10 days to investigate 6 deaths”

That’s a lot of coast to close…

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Pointless to close them for no reason, just optics .

Moe like 9, with people -bodies rather- still missing.

So tell us how you think it happened.

That’s strange and interesting.

I think that it’s a combination of different factors, them not being able to swim being an important one. But strong currents and undertow are definitively important too.

And another dead on Monday:

I don’t get it. Many Taiwanese seem to have underlying fear of water yet these drownings happened.