Tragic weekend on the coast

They were at the beach. they can see the waves coming to an end several meters away from them. Suddenly there is a surge and they are pulled by a stronger than normal wave.

If they cannot swim under normal conditions, it gets worse under abnormal.

Those beaches have a sharp drop off, once they got sucked in they were toast.

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I don’t know what Yilan looked like, but the ocean was an angry monster when I saw it on Sunday. Not a normal beach day.

[The sea was angry that day, my friends]


edit: how the hell did you come up with that so fast?

One of the best episodes of Seinfeld. Can see it over and over and still laugh a lot.

Not in the north coast. I mean, I didn’t notice anything special.

Better education in schools is needed about the ocean

Just because the waves come to a certain point doesn’t mean a large wave can’t come just minutes later

They were riding their ATV right on the waters edge I suppose

Why not ride much further away from the water

Not as fun maybe but safer


If you can’t swim you should never ride an ATV at the waters edge, anywhere. Even the ATV owner died as well unfortunately , found his body yesterday , don’t know if he was going to look for them or what.

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Not sure
More likely they were riding together

I’ve seen YouTube vids of these ATV at the beach
Not everyone rides right on the edge of the water

I’ve ridden jet skis on the water right close to the land. But that’s a different story

The worry then would be running into big reefs or big rocks In shallow water

The reports I read seemed to suggest it was two separate waves, but they may have been incorrect.

That beach is weird meaning that even the edge of the beach is a big slope too (not only the underwater part), so riding that thing too close to the water is not possible for inexperienced riders and not comfortable to anybody probably.

One more dead this weekend:

Warning of 10 meter high waves in Taitung:

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