Train crashes against Formosan bear

What are the odds? Bear was hurt, but it is being taken care of. Hopefully, it will make a speedy recovery, problem is, can he make it out in the wild if he couldn’t avoid a train?

alishan train again? Where else would there be bears? EAst coast?

Yeah…what are the chances?
He’ll be fine, I’m sure.
How’s the train?

Bit o’ news on the incident: … 2uuo5.html

It was a Hualien train. :eh:

I’m thinking it was not probably wild, but rather a held in captivity bear that was set “loose”.

No, it was probably wild. There have been a lot more bear sightings in the past year after so many areas were closed because of Morakot damage. Taiwan’s biggest bear reserve is in Dafen, which is not far from Yuli as the crow flies. Also, the article mentions that people had seen a bear on the south cross. Again, with most of the road off limits bears are starting to explore more and move closer to areas where people are. There were even sightings at Tatajia last year.

It’s pretty cool.

Unless you’re the bear who got hit by the train…

I, for one, doubt that he is.

I saw one close to the southern cross on a trail last year, although I won’t say exactly where. The trail was actually a trail for access to the mountains, but has been gated for over a year now by the forest bureau, so it wasn’t even a hiking trail in the true sense.
I was in awe for the rest of the evening, despite the very fleeting glimpse. Saw a pangolin on the same day. Brilliant.
Sometimes it pays to go trailing on your own, despite the risks.

I wouldn’t call it crashing, nothing crashed … train drove into bear … :smiley: :whistle: police is looking for bear burgers now …

Unless you’re the bear who got hit by the train…[/quote]

so wheres the bear? and is he alive? injured? what?
the article said something bout people going out with guns…not boding well for bears around there.

Don’t worry, that bear can make it out in the wild, the issue is that trains don’t belong in the wild. From an evolutionary standpoint motorized vehicles are a very recent addition to the earth ecosystem, so that animals haven’t yet fully adapted to this new things. Plus, animals just like human beings can be susceptible to being caught off guard! That doesn’t mean they are unfit. Shit happens!

Bullshit. My sources tell me that the bear was NOT caught. It is NOT being “cared for.” There is NO evidence that it was hit by the train. Two minutes of fact-checking would bear this out. :unamused: The TTV story is a load of made-up shite. The bear in the clip is stock footage.

I think at least the trian clipped the poor thing, or else in the dark the conductor would not have noticed a black bear. Yeah, i thought that they had caught them when they went back to check, but the “taken care of” part was just a search party. Right now, they put some warning signs on nearby trails, as bears -or humanity- are getting closer to each other, too close for confort.

At least it seems there are still some bears, they haven’t gone the way of the Forumosan tigers or whatever equivalent of dodo is here.

Lots of DoDo around , no danger :slight_smile:

(sorry couldnt resist)

Or out this bear. Worst thread puns ever.

I dont think i can BEAR this thread anymore :::::::: :laughing: