Train to Europe? Boat to Hawaii or US West Coast?

Anyone every taken overland routes to the West or East? I have some time to travel but my 2 year old does not like 20 hour plane rides. Anyone ever taken a train from Beijing, to Moscow or a boat to Hawaii. I think you have to go from Japan or HK for the cruise.

Anyone know about these trips?

The Orient express? I wouldn’t recommend the trans-Siberian for a two-year-old. It’s a long and wonderful trip, by all accounts – but not for a baby, I wouldn’t have thought.

In September 1982 I travelled by train from Beijing to London. Beijing - Ulaanbaatar - Moscow - Berlin - Oostende (ferry) - Dover - London. It took about 12 days including 2 nights trying to sleep on the floor of a railway station in Moscow. I wanted to go to Kaliningrad, home of some of my ancestors, but I couldn’t get a permit in those days.