Trance and Prog House in Taipei

I’m wondering if anyone out there is a fan of trance or progressive house and is up on the club scene in Taipei. It seems like 2nd Floor is a pretty serious place, as they bring in some of the world’s top dj’s on a regular basis. Any other places that are noteworthy?

I’ve heard the Taiwanese love trance, is this true?

True, they sure love Trance but they somehow have different taste of trance. They trance they like are mainly mainstream or from local artist. Lots of them are mixed with Chinese lyrics and it sounded yikes.

Went to Juliana? twice and they played variety of hip-hops, trance, R&B. The music is alright though. I haven’t found a really good trance club in Taiwan w/ great music, cool vibe and awasome DJs…

trance and prog house ‘were’ the main types of electronica they played at 2nd floor and texound.

2nd floor and texound are closed now. police pressure. its not fun to have ur club raided every night of operation.
good luck looking for the prog house/trance sound…ur about 2 years too late


There is a new website launched to promote music and art in Taiwan called Dragonfly Jamboree. I run the site and i would love people to send me profiles (written descriptions & pics if available) of clubs in Taipei and around the island so i can post them to my site. In The PROFILES & INFO section of the site, we promote the whole range of music and art, from clubs to bands to perofmance artists to poets to live music pubs to musicians etc. Because I am based in Taichung, its a little difficult sometimes to get around the island (work all week, the usual story) so I’m kinda relying on people to send me details of places that they go to. We are not looking for good/bad reviews but rather simple descriptions that help people decide where to go and when. Our calendar also lists events taking place around the island but we desperately want information about bands and gigs and perofrmance venues in Taipei and Kaoshiung asap to put on the site. It’s all for free - we just want to give people one central location ont he net where they can find out what’s on, where and where to go of an evening. Hope you can help here.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to hear from you soon.

Ps: please forward this mail to anyone you know who is in any way involved in music and art. The more people send me information, the quicker the site will become truely national and essential as a guide to those who love music and art as much as we do.

PPS: we also run a drum circle in Taichung and would love to hear from anyone who plays drums and didge etc in Taipei for a possible meet up for even bigger mass jams in the future. Dragonfly Jamboree Drum circle will be at Spring Scream so we hope to get the word around some more there.
Thanks again.