Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Coming to U.S. and E.U.
An interesting article. … 79688.html

Sophomoric. Not impressed. Usual rehash of causes that give people a cause to have a cause to march to… and beat a drum…

[quote=“2Enigma”]Coming to U.S. and E.U.
An interesting article. … 79688.html[/quote]

It’s basically the same as the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), and equally awful. The article is right, you aren’t supposed to know about it, and the mass media has done it’s part to keep silent. It’s a clusterfuck being pushed by a few big companies that hope to use it to get rid of all environmental, health and food safety regulations, while at the same time “strengthening” so-called “intellectual property” so that you’ll have to pay royalties to sing “Happy Birthday.”

Interestingly, both the DPP and KMT are desperate to sign the TPP (even though they have no idea what it says) because it’s American and marketed as “free trade.” Fortunately, there is no chance that Taiwan could join the DPP if China objects, and they do. For once, China is doing us a big favor, even if few realize it.

The good news is that the TTIP and TPP will both probably fail. Once the respective countries start looking at the agreement and realize that it will mostly cause them economic damage, they back off. The negotiations seem to be stalled indefinitely, though I don’t expect Monsanto and the Cock Brothers to give up easily.

Equally awful? hmmm… so by virtue of that argument, I could look around the world and determine which nations have the “freest” trade and if I correlated that to prosperity or GDP per capita, I would find that such trade deals truly make nations poor and are bad for them… is that what you are trying to say? I think that there has been a bit of “behind closed doors” discussions regarding these trade deals and it is precisely because no one is at the stage yet where the final agreements have been reached and the last thing anyone wants is to create an opportunity for underemployed 20, 30 and even 40 year olds to take to the streets to “raise awareness” and destroy Starbuck’s and McDonald’s shops while doing so. Don’t agree? well, then, take a gander at any world summits involving say the G8 or the G20 or NATO or any other such effort to deprive overeducated underemployed narcissists of their need, nay right!, to voice their opinions and to express themselves through drum circles, costumes, creative dance and poster production. :loco:

Starbucks and McDonald’s are too busy destroying themselves for most people to give an f about; and an overpriced cup of ordinary coffee, crap burgers, and sickly-sweet donuts are definitely off-menu for today’s more adventurous, health-conscious, and discerning consumer.

We may be underemployed, but it sure beats being overemployed and starved for quality eats.

Short version: “The E.U.'s overtaxed, overregulated, underpowered economy can’t possibly compete on a level playing field so be afraid, Be very afraid.”

Yes, I know how many of my European friends are OUTRAGED!!! OUTRAGED by low-cost airlines like Ryan Air and Virgin. LOOK at what they have DONE to ruin the standard of living across Europe!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!

As to Charlie Philips… Yes, they don’t eat there (of course NOT!) except when they do… but regardless they sure like to smash the windows to show how much they are against globalization… I mean how original! Smashing windows at Starbucks and McDonald’s… why it is like a rite of passage for… lemmings… but Hey! at least there are the drum circles!