Transfer ARC

If you change jobs within and terminate your contract with an employer…do you have to leave the country or can you get your visa extended and transfer it to a new ARC ???
If you finish your contract can you change visas without leaving the country if you have a contract for a new job in a different company that begins on completion of your contract with your previous company??

I have often heard of people going to Pan Chiao to extend their visa…what is this about ??


Can you provide more information on what type of job you have, and under which government agency your organization is registered? Are you leaving at the end of the contract, or in the middle? Have you gone to the Bureau of Consular Affairs MOFA to inquire about this entire issue? That might be a good starting point?

Pan Chiao is in Taipei County. The foreigners on short term visas who go to the Foreign Affairs Police Department there are probably getting a two month extension. I believe that this is what you are referring to.