Transfer video from VHS to DVD?

Are there any services in the Taipei area that will transfer the contents of a VHS tape to DVD?

Or to a video file format. How can one achieve this?

2 main things; a way to plug the vhs into the computer, and a good video capture software. Take a look to this instructable to get yourself an idea… the software doesn’t have to be that exact one, you can use Roxio’s or any other homebrew you might have. … HS-to-DVD/

I dont have a VCR. Guess Ill have to borrow one.

There are/were shops that do this in the area of Guanghua computer market – going up Hsinsheng S Rd. northward, go in the first alleyway on the left and then turn right. You want to end up just south of Bade Rd. and still west of Hsinsheng S. Road. I had some conversions down there, telling them that there was no rush, and I got a more favorable price since they didn’t have to do them at any set time.

Thanks. Ill check it out. Another option I suppose is to get my hands on a dual VCR/DVR machine.

I have the same need.

Got a 1980s family VHS recording - about 30 mins long - would like to get it onto DVD.
But the tape is in the UK. Before I get it sent over, does anyone have a ball-park figure of what those Taipei shops might charge?

The place I went (at Xinsheng/Bade) charged NT$300/hr of video.

Thanks, Chris. Sounds very reasonable.

You may have to make sure they can transfer PAL tapes. My tapes (being from the US) are NTSC, which is the same standard used in Taiwan.

I have a few hours worth. Any chance of getting a hifi vhs recorder to borrow or rent in southern Taiwan. A few year ago, I was only able to buy a Panisonic fake stereo player that only played mono signals. I have children’s music videos I want to copy. Wonder… would I be able t convince the publishing company to give me a discount on the DVD’s. These are children’s songs licensed to Ladder A great set but useless now…