Transfering Jobs, 2 Year Work Requirement

Hi all, I am a long-timer lurker; tried to find a topic on this, but could not, so I hope people here might be able to help!

I came to Taiwan right after graduation, and have been employed in a white collar job for about a year. When I was first employed, the employer had to use the “consultation mechanism” (會商機制) to get my permit since I didn’t have work experience. This was a messy process that took about 4 months, and gave off the impression the government is generally resistant to allowing this.

Fast forward a year later, and my company appears to be going belly up… So, I’d be in the situation of already having a year of work experience in Taiwan, but not fulfilling the work requirement when looking for a new job (which is 2 years).

Has anybody ever been in this situation? Would a new employer need to re-apply via the 會商機制 for my work permit? Or could I simply find a new job and when applying for a new work permit there would be no problems?