Transfering names

i need to transfer my ex’s name on my scooter registration to my name.
how and where do i do this? i’ve been given a time limit so any info would be really appreciated. same with adsl (i know this isn’t the thread but want to kill two birds with one stone.)

The main thread for you to have a look at is this one:
[Changing motorcycle ownership
You could also take a look here:
[Transfering Scooter ownership/registration

thank you… so i gather all i need to do is go to a bike shop?


thanks for the info.


went to a random scooter shop. handed over registration card and insurace card than bore my ex’s name. handed over my ARC and the next day voila! scooter was in my name. it costed 650NT.

Now… does anyone know if it is sufficient enough to carry copies of the registration card and insurance card instead of the originals?

Nope, you have to carry the originals with you…

Michael, I thought that if you were stopped and showed copies, they’d give you a few days to turn up at a police station with the originals and all would be fine.