Transfering Paypal funds to a Taiwan bank account

Hi everyone~

I’ve recently moved back to Taiwan and have started selling online where the funds go into my Taiwan Paypal account. I’m trying to transfer my Taiwan Paypal funds into my Taiwan bank account but running into some trouble. My first attempt was rejected due to “Invalid Bank Account Information”, I’m guessing it is the Wire Transfer Branch Code that was wrong since that is the part I’m most confused about.

My Taiwan bank account number has 16 numbers shown on my bank booklet: the first 3 is the bank code, the next 4 is the branch code and the last 9 is the account number. So while filling in the bank account information on Paypal for bank code I put the first 3 digits, for wire transfer branch code I put the next 4 digits then for the account number I put the last 9 digits. However what confused me was Paypal put a comment saying the wire transfer branch code may be different from the normal branch code, so does that mean what is the branch code should be included in the account number while some other 4 digit is the wire transfer branch code? To make it more confusing is that I can’t find another 4 digits anywhere in my bank documents =/

Has anyone else had this problem? What did you guys put for wire transfer branch code?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I was having trouble like this. I took my smart phone to the bank and the cashier and I did it online together, then and there. Got a laptop? You can do the same.

You need the names to be EXACT. That could be one issue.