Does anyone use Transferwise borderless account?

It sounds like a good idea, I have NTD, Dollars, Euros, and now I need UK pounds for tuition in the UK. I can have multiple accounts for different currencies with their own routing number and SWIFT code to send to. And the exchange rates are really favorable with transparent feesAlso comes with a debit card.

Taiwan is not supported. Probably due to ridiculous financial regulations.

I used it to transfer money from Australian to German bank account. Worked well.
It can be useful if you receive money from different countries. You can store many different currencies.


Like @slawa, I really wanted to use it, but I mostly need to send NTD out of Taiwan so not very useful for me.


I am using it regularly as I have some income in the UK and regularly need to send EUR to Estonia. It is very reliable and their customer support is superb. I also find their debit card very useful for travelling. No-fee purchases and mid-market CX rates for purchases + some allowance for no-fee ATM withdrawals (in any currency/country) every month.

You can send money onto it from your TW bank account but as previously mentioned, Transferwise does not support CX from NTD so you’d need to complete the CX with your bank here before sending the funds… it kinda defeats the purpose.

Edit: I have previously contacted them about adding support for NTD CX but they said that it wasn’t in their current plans.


So, what’s a similar one that supports NTD?

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Friends in HK use it to send money home all the time. I’ve filled the form to be updated if it ever comes to Taipei, but yeah I doubt it…