Transgender terminology in Mandarin

I just saw the “Chinese Idioms” thread for the first time and saw several posts asking about how to say transsexual, drag show, etc. in Mandarin. Since I know a thing or two about these topics, I thought I’d post a bit about them. If no one’s interested or everyone has already gotten answers, well, then this thread can just fade into the night…

So, anyway, a lexicon of Mandarin transgender-related vocabulary:


Very useful information! Now we can all refer to the entertainers correctly when we go to watch Red Top!

Perhaps a substitute for the weekly movie? :astonished:

[quote=“Tetsuo”]I’m curious, given the list of other cultures there, where the Polynesian fa’afine fit. Any idea?[/quote]Wow, and I thought I practiced thread necromancy… :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about Polynesian transgender people or traditions. You might ask Andrew Matzner, who’s written a book about Hawai’ian mahu people.