Transitioning to life after years of teaching English

Hello all,

I am wondering if any of you have transitioned away from teaching English and returned home to your native countries. If so, what kind of jobs did you seek out? Did you continue teaching, or did you change careers entirely?

I plan to move back home to USA after 8 years of teaching in Taiwan. Being a teacher in the US doesn’t seem like the way to go as I don’t have the teaching credential to do so. I’ve looked at quite a few job postings and just stare at the screen in confusion. What kind of area’s would someone who’s taught for this long be good in?

Thanks for the help.

I hear learning to code is the thing to do these days



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Landscaping is an option.

How far are you from a teaching degree?

Learning a skilled trade in North America is a way to move up the wage ladder quickly. If you’re willing to get your hands dirty. Salaries (At least in Canada where I’m from) can be as high as $100000/yr (Canadian Rubles). Demand for electricians and stuff is high but nobody wants to do the “dirty” work.

agree with @Marco, go to community college, learn to be electrician, plumber, HVAC, etc.
Jobs ARE there in bulk, but those hiring dislike the young crowd who just scroll up/down on their smartphones during the job.
Less job pressure, because not stuck at a desk.
Railway company jobs everywhere, roofers, postal carriers, fire inspectors, aircraft mechanics, insurance appraisers, correctional officers, subway/streetcar operators, transit police, gaming managers, ship engineers, elevator repairman, criminal investigator.

So, what do you like to do?

Some of the jobs don’t even have to be really skilled with something in demand. In texas almost all middle class and above have pools. And most of them don’t want to stand out in the 100 degree sun to clean and maintain the pool. The owner of the company we used to clean and maintain told us he was a drop out that used to clean pools for 20$ a hour. He had a business mind so eventually he started his own pool cleaning company where he doesn’t even clean the pools but run everything.

true. my nephew in college has been working summers the last 4 years with local swimming pool cleaning firm. Making beaucoup bucks, and he’s not yet a graduate.