Translating basic things like recipies and creating a derivitave work

I’ve been using a simple recipe with my kids and students. It’s a very basic recipe for cake. You can’t really get any more basic. I did not create it and I really don’t know how it could be rewritten to make it original. Oh… I do do something original. Instead of round cakes, I make them in different shapes. Yet, even that original twist has be gotten from an out of print Betty Crocker Chrildren’s cookbook.

I want to create a Chinese article using this basic recipe an maybe a video. For my own use I know there would be no problem, but heck… if I can sell the article to a childcare’s magazine showing me or my kid say teaching the students how to do it…
What legal things to I have to worry about. Would a simple citation be enough? Do I need the permission of the website or contributor?

Cake recipes have been pretty much public domain since … um, a long time ago. The Betty Crocker cookbook probably copied it out of Julia Child’s. Making cakes in different shapes is not a patented idea. Your artistic contribution - the thing that you will apply copyright to - is the video or written presentation of that recipe. Cookbooks aren’t just a list of ingredients but a load of hints, tips, anecdotes, and general rambling page-filling that make them worth reading (or at least worth selling). Go thou and do likewise.

Data is not copyrightable; its means of presentation is. So no worries.