Translating UberEats / Foodpanda menu in the app?


some restaurants on UberEats / FoodPanda have translations built into their menu, but many don’t.

Is there any way to run the apps through Google Translate? Unfortunately, the apps don’t allow copying of text, so what I am doing now is taking screenshots and then using Google’s image translate feature.

There must be a better way, right? :thinking:


You’re in quarantine now, yeah? How many days do you have left?

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Just joking - I do the same thing as you. :sweat_smile: I also find that the Uber Eats app tends to reset to the home screen when I exit and come back at least half of the time, but that might just be my phone. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I mean I could also start ordering random meals. If I get something I don’t like, I can learn the word to avoid ordering it again n the future. Probably more effective than these kind of books :grin:

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Download google photos. Screen shot the menu or item. Open the screen shot in google photos. Hit the little button on the bottom of the screen shot photo that looks like a “square with a dot in it”. It will work it’s magic and let you select and copy any Chinese text. After that copy and paste into google translate or any translate app


Uber Eats is far better than Food Panda in my experience. But when I need translation help, I use one device to look up the menu and the other to use the Google Translate camera active translation to understand what I’m looking at.


Ah, the joys of modern technology :sweat_smile:

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Haha, I was thinking about that too but it seemed so convoluted. Maybe it’s time to charge up my old phone though!

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It is convoluted, but so much less so than a process like Acedubs describes.

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A process? That’s worrisome. :joy::joy: Less than 3 seconds.
Well, I agree, that at least you’ll look more like a boss with 2 devices waving around in your hands. :rofl::rofl:

A slightly faster way is to screenshot and then load the picture into the Pleco dictionary app’s OCR function (assuming you have the add-on). This lets you click on each character/word in the photo and get a direct translation.

Or, if you have a PC or Mac, you could browse the UberEats Taipei website on a browser directly and cut and paste things into google translate:


Chrome browser will auto translate anyways

Or just post them here and we’ll give points to who can translate the fastest.

You can try using Pleco and its floating widget.
It helps you translate without leaving the food delivery app.

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Problem is Google translate spits out some pretty odd stuff. I assume it is because of the flowery wording they use in Chinese menus. Pretty strange stuff and hard to tell what it exactly is, even after the translation.

purple turtle wing fungus soup


@qwert_zuiop, if you want to study Mandarin, Pleco will anyway be your go-to resource, so I support that suggestion; have not tried the OCR overlay with UberEats, but it generally works really well (just make sure to provide it the necessary permissions via system settings).