Translation help! Please, I can't understand this single line in a manual

Hi everyone! A university bought a gas detector and I was asked to translate the rough idea of what it said. I managed to translate most of it because it’s very straightforward. However, there is a line in the text I just cannot understand! It doesn’t make any sense!

The manual gives instructions in how to re-establish the values to zero. If the machine has been off for a long time it’s good to recalibrate and return the zero value to zero. And then it says: 該操作確認是在沒有目標氣休的情況下.
What? “It confirms target gas is broken?” It doesn’t make sense to me. Google translate says “It confirms target gas rests.”

I’m writing the whole paragraph in case context helps. Please, help me!

Paragraph is:
注:1、機器如果長時間未使用,零點可能會有些漂移,這時可以進入零’點標 定界面進行清零操作,該操作確認是在沒有目標氣休的情況下。



You’ve written 氣休 instead of 氣體(氣体) which is why the sentence makes no sense. You should do the calibration action when you’re sure there’s no target gas present. (Third attempt at translating this should be a charm, right?)


If the machine is left unused for a long period of time, the 0 marking may be misaligned. Please make sure no gas intended to be detected is present before using the recalibration interface to reset the 0 marking.

I guess that’s what it means.


Yes, that’s probably what it means! Thank you!

OHHHH! I get it! Thank you! I’m crying of relief!