Translation help (to communicate with a mechanic)

Hi all! having some issues with my scooter not starting at all for a few days now and need to take it to a mechanic. Can someone please help me translate the following since the translation app can sometimes be unreliable? And so I don’t sound like a dumb chick that doesn’t know about mechanics?
Thanks in advance!
spark plugs
spark plug wires
battery terminals

Do these images help?


Odds are wildly in favour of them knowing the English, especially with plenty of mime assist.

(I don’t know if there are proper translations, but the “Mechanic English” I’ve always heard them use is the same for lots of things, “Ba Teh Li” “Oy Oh Changee” “Bay Ning” etc)

Battery, Oil change, and…?


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Apparently, a lot of those usages are Japlish by way of Taiwanese.

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Japlish I get. But by way of Taiwanese?

Ever since there have been ohchiu in Taiwan, most of them have been Taiwanese speakers. Also, lots of Japlish words were absorbed into Taiwanese during Japanese tule, like otobai.

What’s ohchiu?

Literally “black hand” in Taiwanese. It’s the colloquial term for mechanic.

So the words are Japlishese words?

Which words are you referring to?

Carburetor is literally car-bo-le-ta

The words we’re talking about, of course. Ba Teh Li, Oy Oh Change, Bay Ning…

Yes. English to Japanese to Taiwanese.