Translation/notarization of marriage certificate?

Can someone tell us where to go for this. We’ve been running back and forth all day. My wife and I were married in the US but want to make it official here.

Are you asking about notarization or translation?

They are two totally separate issues.

If you were married in the US so I assume that you got your marriage certificate notarized there and the TECO did their bit with all the stamps and ribbons?

Both. We actually just found a place that will translate our US marriage certificate on one floor, and then notarize the translated version on another floor :slight_smile: It’s at 121 Chong Ching South road in Taipei. What a saga this has turned in to. We started at 9am lol.

Interesting. As far as I know you have to get it notarized in the country you got married in, and then verified by the local TECO, to ensure you did not simply make it with MSword. Maybe the rules have changed?

Are you sure that they are not simply notarizing the translation as correct? This is a big difference from getting the actual marriage certificate notarized. Not trying to add to the saga in any way though.

Exactly. Our original (US) certificate is already notarized. This notary is for the translated certificate we just got.

Then it should be relatively pain free, but this is Taiwan…

Haha! Yes… This is Taiwan. Six hours later, it’s finally official. :slight_smile:

:bravo: :bravo:

If they are U.S. docs, you can’t notarize them. They want the originals. Normally originals can’t be notarize. Although some have notarization on them from the start, but that’s from the county.