Translation of Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage


I’m a singaporean and I’m going to marry my Taiwanese gf. From the forum, I understand that there must be a “Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage”. I was told that I can get an english copy from the register of marriage in singapore and get it certify in the taiwan consulate in singapore.

since i need a chinese copy, i was told by the impatient staff that :

  1. i can translate it myself to chinese in singapore and get it certify in the taiwan consulate in singapore.
  2. certify only the english copy. in taiwan, get it translated at the translation agency and get it certify in a district court.

I read from the post n this forum that i can simply translate it myself and bring it to the district court for certification. Is this so or do I have to go thru the translation agency?

anyone has experience?


I don’t have specific experience on this one, but based on my 15 years here in Taiwan and reading about others’ experiences, I’d suggest you try first whichever is cheaper and easier based on your location (which isn’t showing in your profile); I don’t think you have to pay a translator if you can do it yourself – normally they just want it translated and then want a pretty, official-looking stamp on it. However, whether or not a particular method or document is accepted seems to depend, at least in some cases, on the mood of the clerk or official processing it (welcome to Taiwan!). Oh, and congratulations! :beer:

You should be able to translate it yourself and get it stamped at the district court. That’s what I did, but it was 8 years ago, so take this with a grain of salt.

Get it translated yourself and stamped at any district court or Notary Public here in TW…I did it last year when I got married…Cheers & congratulations!!

Are you in Singapore or Taiwan at the moment?

Thanks for all your help and congrats. I’m in Taiwan at the moment. I’ll maybe just confirm again with the district court and see how it goes :slight_smile: