Translation question - Old Norse

I’m looking for a term that will be accessible to a lay audience.

Old Norse (i.e. the language)

Some suggestions:

  1. 挪威語 (prefaced with 古, 古代(的) or 古老(的))
  2. 古北歐語
  3. 斯堪的那維亞語

My concerns with these three are that (1) is not really accurate, (2) doesn’t seem very specific and (3) is not readily comprehensible without some background info. Google seems to like (2) though, so maybe I should go with that.

What does anyone think of these? Any other ideas?

Any help would be much appreciated! :notworthy:


I have come across


but I agree that it is not as catchy as 古北歐語, which is also more easily comprehensible. “Old Norse” isn’t very comprehensible without background info anyway.

Remember that no matter which term you finally choose, you can always simply introduce it at the beginning of your lecture or paper, offer as full an explanation as you like, and then use it (or a substitute) throughout your presentation. You are not limited to using only one term. In this case it seems like this sort of approach (introducing the term as though it were completely unknown, which it may well be) would help.

Thanks for the replies - I’ve decided on 古北歐語 as in the nasty world of three-minute sales pitches time for explanation is sadly lacking.

Your comments were most helpful!