Transnistria - that little region that may enter Ukraine war

Starting to read a lot more stuff on this region in last week as it relates to Ukraine conflict.
It could become a military battlefield between NATO/Ukraine/Romania and Russia.

It’s an unrecognized breakaway region that’s officially recognized as part of Moldova.
Transnistria has been recognised only by three other unrecognised or partially recognised breakaway states: Abkhazia, Artsakh and South Ossetia.

That’s Ukrainian media reporting this.

Given the deteriorating situation in the Republic of Moldova and around it, we call on our compatriots to refrain from any trips to the country. We invite Bulgarian citizens who are on the territory of the Republic of Moldova to take measures to leave the country on currently available vehicles .”

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry is asking its citizens to leave the country (Moldova). The appeal is posted on the official website of the department.

MI-6 sent intelligence wire to Ukraine and its General Staff warning that Russia may land in Transnistria if escalations mount.

Many commentators on both sides confirm (since Ukraine conflict started) that Transnistria is sitting on what’s reputed to be the largest weapons stockpile in Europe, just as this report from 2014 states.

It’s interesting that many of Moldova’s top officials hold dual citizenship with Romania (NATO member).

There’s so much going on in this little piece of land as it relates to Ukraine battle.
[Note: I don’t want any war, just reading a lot more intel about this little breakaway region in last week from both sides, Ukraine and Russia.]

May as well make that “two”, since Artsakh’s pronouns are pretty much “was/were”. Two-thirds of it was captured by Azerbaijan in 2020, and Azerbaijan has been getting frisky again since Russia got BTFO in Ukraine.

Yeah. The problem is Russia’s presence in South Ossetia and its special military relations with Transnistria, which has that mother lode of an ammunition dump.
Any military in the region, Ukraine included, must be salivating over it.

More interesting regions:

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