Transport things within Taiwan

Hi everybody,

I would like to move some stuff from south of Taiwan to the north. I am sure train is not my solution since it is around 100kgs.

Is there any other cheap way that somebody can suggest me?

Thank you guys in advance :bow:


2 HUGE suitcases by train? Maybe pay a friend to take 2 more. Also there are some delivery services like Takaume (sp) and Hsinchu Transport might go that far south also. I’m sure there are listings in the phone book. Get a Taiwan friend to make some calls.

Post office.

They have a national courier service and should be just fine with 100kg. Friend of mine shipped that sort of amount last year.

Your only real problem will be getting your stuff to the post office. The other couriers (ask at 7-11) do a pickup service, but of course you pay extra for that.

Post office also do a pick up service, not sure what the charge or minimum spend is though.

many thanks for the answers everybody, i think i will just grab a friend and let him make some calls to post office or other companies. It is great to know that I have many options now. Thanks again

Just talk to the administrator. Pick up whilst you stand with your boxes, they will call 1/2 hr ahead of time. The individual box loads packs at about 30 kg and to loud them aboard. You follow and help unload. Bob’s and all that shit.
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