Transportation problems in Canada

Just a heads up in case anyone’s going to Canada: the trains are, basically, not running, because of anti-pipeline protests. We’re talking national, not local. There is currently no timeline for a return to normal.

Bus and plane tickets are naturally selling faster than usual.

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Why are they protesting the pipe line?

I’ll never understand Canadian protestors. How is it that they think that disrupting people’s lives will win them support?

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Why are they blocking trains if they are protesting against pipelines?

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They do this all the time. Protestors don’t just protest. They make the lives of ordinary citizens a nightmare. Pro-Tamil protestors shut down the Gardiner in Toronto.

Unionised employees blocked access to the school I studied at for cars making them EACH wait 10 minutes at an intersection before letting one through. I missed class that day despite not studying in their department.

Told them to eat shit. They made you sit there and listen to why they were striking. I just wouldnt let them get a word in cause I launched a tirade of fucks.

Protests aside, the notion of trains as any kind of “public transport” in Canada is hysterical.
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Old joke:
What’s the difference between Siberia and Saskatchewan?
You can take the train to Siberia



The protesters are Indigenous.

If you don’t understand their concerns, that shows (yet again) the utter failure of the education system in Canada to teach us our own history and current situation. But if you care, you can learn about it now.

Peace to all,


Do these people not have jobs?

Do you?


Do you?

Nice comeback, Rickles… :roll:

It’s not a come back. Idk why you’re asking me…yes. I do. In addition to being a full time student going into my masters. If you’re insinuating that I Sit on my ass all day (not sure how you would even know because I’ve never talked to you about what I do)…maybe you should focus on your own life.

I didn’t say I didn’t understand their concerns. I fully understand their concerns. I don’t understand how their tactics of making lives difficult for ordinary people is to win them public support. You quoted me out of context.

If you’re trying to sell your cause, making people angry, I’d imagine doesn’t win you very many friends. I’d be inclined just to oppose you for pissing me off.

Canadian protestors was an umbrella term that I used to describe anyone who protests in Canada. Not these protestors in particular.


Not much point to protesting if you don’t get anyone’s attention.


There are different ways to get the attention of people that don’t involve pissing people off.

Is any tactic really as effective as making your cause impossible to ignore?


There are real life consequences to their actions.

If I’m late/unable to get to work and reprimanded/fired, are they going to help me get back on my feet? No? Are they gonna compensate me?

Now you have a bunch of people who dont want to support your cause when you need support.

I dare anyone to try to shut down the MRT and see how many allies they win.

The Sunflower Movement used correct tactics, taking their cause to the people who can enact real change.

I won’t support any cause that holds regular people hostage. We have our words.


While you’re there, pick up a few bottles of Glen Breton whisky. They have really improved over the last few years.


First of all, as was mentioned, rail transport as means of public conveyance in Canada is pretty much non existent, comparing it to rail transport in Taiwan is meaningless.
Further, the parties that will suffer the most are the resource suppliers, the petro/lumber/mining/agri concerns, since they are probably rail transport’s biggest users.
And they are exactly against whom the protests are aimed, they own the pipelines in question.

FWIW, your Sunflower comparison is self-defeating, they were protesting the Government, so they occupied Government property. Pretty much exactly what these guys are doing.


Except that as was mentioned, this is national and personal transport on trains is also shut down everywhere.

I agree that it is both ‘government property’ but protestors didn’t shut down forms of transport here in Taiwan. They targeted the people who caused the problems in the first place. Take your anger to Parliament, not me.

They got support and marketed it. We can agree to disagree.