Travel advice to Tbilisi Georgia

I need to make a trip to Tbilisi Georgia this year but I have come across a snag. Every online agent I try to book through wants 3,500 USD round trip and to send me through Hong Kong and then Europe(Usually Munich or Amsterdam) at around 35 hours total time. This makes no sense at all to me because there are regular flights from Hong Kong and KL through Istanbul for only 1,000 USD round trip and around 22 hours travel time.

If I did not need to bring a bag I would totally hop cattle class to HK and jet from there, but I need to pack a suitcase and I have no idea how to handle the luggage thing. Do we have any agents or offices I can go to around here that know about travel to the Caucus?

Isn’t that Caucasus?

So why can’t you just buy a ticket to Hong Kong, then another ticket from HK to Tbilisi? If you have to go through the whole immigration/customs thing in HK, just go back upstairs and check in again, it’s not a big deal. I did a similar thing in Bangkok recently.
I have been able to check a bag all the way through when flying on two separate tickets/airlines, but I’ve only tried it where the first flight was domestic and the 2nd international. I don’t know if that’s possible for two international flights, but it might be.

Yeah i need to make a test run to HK to try and plan it.

And TT it is კავკასია but i always bugger up the english spelling

Little Necro, but a follow up. If you ever want to go to Georgia from Taiwan there are two cheap routes:

Taipei-> Malaysia->Turkey->Georgia



Both run about 1000-2000USD per person. I chose the latter via KLM. Total round trip was 1800$ with the ability to have a 12 hour break in Amsterdam.

The price for tickets is a little high, but the cost of living there is cheap as hell. Divide Taipei costs by 3 and you have an idea of how much you will be spending.