Travel Agent Needed


My wife needs to travel to the U.S. this summer and
cannot find a lower tricket price. She would like to spend
around $1000 - 1250 USD. Can you please help
me find a list of Travel Agents that I can contact my
email to help her come to the U.S this summer.

Any good travel agents will be okay, I just need to
try to help her fly to the U.S. I know the prices are
high, I just would like to try, and hope someone can
help me locate some Taiwan Travel Agents. please,


flights this summer are outrageously expensive!!! In the past, I have used a company in Taipei called “Interlink”. Jeannie is really helpful and usually gives a reasonable price. But thistime I bought my ticket online from the airline and saved. But it’s still about NT5,000 more than I paid for a high season ticket last summer at this time. I got a good deal on Malaysia Airlines website.

Jeannie at Interlink: 02 2578 0611 (in Taipei, but you can pay cash by ATM transfer for the best deals and they will express mail the ticket to anywhere in Taiwan; credit cards add a fee)

Here’s a travel agency that we use. The travel agent is very friendly, but I’m not sure how their prices compare to others.

Jessie Liu (劉志嫻)