Travel Apps you find useful?

Since I’m going travelling around SEA, and have done in the past I’ve loads a few apps I find to be useful on my S4. As follows:

  1. Basic Planner - keeps travel dates in mind
  2. Kindle - for reading on the road
  3. Google Maps - so I know where I’m going and how to get there
  4. Wunderground - nice to know the weather for the following few days
  5. Google Earth - much like GM
  6. Agoda - for hotel bookings
  7. FB, Skype - for keeping in touch
  8. Google Translate - for when your sign language is just not up to scratch
  9. A flashlight - I don’t always carry an actual one with me
  10. XE Currency Converter - nice to know you’re not (or are) getting ripped off (or not).

10 of my fav’s. Over to you… :popcorn: