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Best travel books?

Recently read Travels With a Tangerine: A Journey in the Footnotes of Ibn Battutah by Tim Mackintosh-Smith which was very good. And just finished The Art of Travel by Alain De Botton which explores the psychology behind the desire to travel and is also good fun. Just about to tuck into Hokkaido Highway Blues: Hitchhiking Japan by Will Ferguson.

Have a half read copy of the most famous of all travelogues, Ulysses, sat next to the bed (been there about two years) for when i can’t sleep.

News From Tartary - Peter Fleming

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About to read “A year off” about travels around the world with your family…

A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush by Eric Newby.

Read it quite awhile ago but a good laugh. If I had it here I’d read it again. Paints quite a different picture of Afghanistan than we’ve seen over the past few years.


Time Magazine columnist Pico Iyer is a great writer. Falling Off the Map: Some Lonely Places of the World is a great read.

I just finished In Search of Moby Dick – The Quest for the White Whale by Tim Severin. Fascinating stuff.

“From the Holy Mountain” William Dalrymple

“In Search of Conrad” Gavin Young

“The Rivers Ran East” Leonard Clark

Who ever linked my book for me Thanks:-) I will post a review soon.

Recent travel reads:

William Dalrymple’s “From the Holy Mountain” and “In Xanadu”
Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, Eric Newby
In Siberia, Colin Thubron

Frost on my Moustache - Tim Moore

Esp if you like humour with your travels. As the blurb says “Out Brysons Bryson” which, lets be honest, recently at least, is no bad thing.

That goes STRAIGHT onto my wishlist!

About China:

BEHIND THE WALL By Colin Thubron - interesting, easy to read
RIVER AT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD By Simon Winchester - cliche upon cliche, but lots of great technical info for engineers like me
FRONTIERS OF HEAVEN By Stanley Stewart - pretty good

About Taiwan:


About the World:

JUPITER’S TRAVELS by Ted Simon - he rode a motorcycle around the world back in the 1970s, awesome